Case Studies

Company dealing with renting and cleaning of special work wear and carpets

Development of a solution to build in every piece of clothing and carpet an RFID that can resist washing, extreme temperatures, etc., so that the customer can track the inventory whether rented or in warehouse stock. The chip inside provides them with a wealth of information. They can check, for example, to whom/when the items were rented, how many times they have been laundered, and indicates if the next cleaning of the garment is due.

Fuel Delivery Company

Creation of a fuel-loading-door monitoring system, so the door could be opened only at the designated location, otherwise an alert is sent to the dispatcher. Also the extraction of fuel delivery data from the tanker’s built-in printer and their immediate forwarding to headquarters, where the bill can be drawn up within minutes and sent electronically to the service station, resulting in considerable savings of time and cost.

Company with own gas stations

The company operates gas stations on their premises at several locations for the fill up of company cars. The task was the implementation of an identification system, which, after proper identification, allows the refueling of a specific car, so that unauthorized persons could not use it. Based on the information extracted from the system, statistics and reports are also provided to the customer.

Solutions for Food Distribution Network

Installation of fire and water-resistant device onto the company’s trailers, which device can also operate on its own power source, at least for a week, and being attached without any cables or wires. The device must send an alert to the company if the cargo door is opened more than an inch outside of an authorized location or area. Thereby they can significantly reduce the risk of theft.


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