Q: What makes VECONEX different from other companies?

A: We distinguish ourselves from others in the field by providing customized solutions for just about any needs. With our system, customers can also identify, monitor and track their products/assets, and add additional peripherals as well. You dream it, we’ll make it! Having our own proprietary software and device gives us the flexibility to provide our customers with customized solutions as well.

Q: Who is it for?

A: Both, corporate and private sectors with any size of vehicle fleet, heavy machinery, products and assets, who want to monitor and keep control of their operations 24 hours a day, and follow daily workflows, all with a click of a button.

Q: What are my benefits by using VECONEX system?

A: With real-time tracking you can see where your expenses are going and search for ways to streamline your fleet. It can help you to work more efficiently, improve on-time deliveries or services, reduce paperwork and unnecessary communication, and cut down on administration costs. Moreover, by using our service, it is possible to prevent unauthorized vehicle usage, decrease fuel costs and idle time. Stay on the move and supervise everything real-time, in one dashboard!

Q: Where can VECONEX system work?

A: We created a comprehensive fleet management system that works anywhere. Our device, installed in a vehicle, monitors location and telemetry data 24/7, additionally transmits vehicle data over a secure wireless network to our server which can be seen online, in the VECONEX Dashboard.

Q: Does the system work on smartphone?

A: Yes, the VECONEX website is compatible with smartphones.

Q: On what kind of vehicles can VECONEX devices and online fleet management services be used?

A: We develop, manufacture, install and operate satellite tracking, diagnostics and security systems for most types of vehicles and heavy equipments.

Q: How can I see a free demo of VECONEX Online Fleet Management service?

A: You can receive a free, no-obligation, 7-day live demo here.

Q: What is the price of the device and installation?

A: Please refer to our http://veconex.com/pricing page.

Q: How is the buying process done?


  1. Please review our Plans here
  2. Request an offer here or by phone.
  3. We'll send you a form with questions about your company and fleet.
  4. Upon reviewal of your information we'll send you a quote, Agreement documents with suggestion for the Plan that fits your company's needs best.
  5. We proceed to schedule installation.

Q: How is the installation process done and how long does it take?

A: Installation is taking place at the customer's location and requires couple of hours per vehicle, depending on the type of vehicle.


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