Dashboard Overview

Ergonomic interface

Easy to track your vehicles

via list view and map. You can pin vehicles according to your filter settings. Here you can see the vehicles' current state details like speed, fuel level or battery voltage.

Detailed map view

with satellite and traffic layer. Using "Autozoom" option the map will automatically track the current position of your marked vehicles.

Useful reports

Coherent view for vehicle activity

by responsive data-visualizations: responsive charts, section cards and speed-colored routes on the map. Restrict shown time periods for smoother evaluation, mark sections to have a closer look on them. Your data will be visualized according to sections or the entire period depending on your needs.


of often-visited routes and stops.

Notification system

Set your own notifications

You can choose only what you are interested in. If you worry about the cargo temperature being below freezing point for more than 30 minutes, just set a notification on the value to be tracked. You will be notified via email or text message.

Working with POIs

Drawing pois

is easy even with circular or complex shape. Just click on the map and describe its name. Or create it on the given address. Choose different colors to make it easier to tell them apart. POIs are useful in many cases.


When you create POIs you can personalize your reports by using them and you can also share them with a colleague or an entire team. Privileges are adjustable any way you like.


Get concise vehicle reports according to your POIs. Browse your vehicles’ movement on a timeline or on the map where you can see their arrivals and departures.
POI crossing report shows you every information between arrivals and departures such as fuel consumption or the distance traveled.
You can find here other interesting summaries per POIs like total downtime, maximum speed or total distance and much more.


Would you like to know when your drivers arrive to the target? Or do you want your drivers to avoid restricted areas by? It can all be solved!


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